iskyn™ testimonials

Fiona – 2015
iSkyn all organic pumpkin facial peel: I have tried this product via my esthetician and loved it. I am 46yo and am at the point in my life where I need to take more care of my face, I have used facial sunscreen products for nearly 30 years but still have sun damage and fine lines.

This is what I loved: Its all organic and has natural antioxidants – something that is really important to me as a consumer. What you put on the skin can be absorbed, so the less chemicals that are there, the better I like it! I have sensitive skin but I had no issues at all using this product. The process was a short one but will have a cumulative effect when I receive the treatments regularly. I have sun damage on my face and this product seemed to impact the brown spot areas after the first peel. My skin felt so young and smooth after the treatment, that alone was worth the time and cost. I did not have to change my normal skin care products. iSkyn is so naturally based that it did not require me to make additional investments to achieve results. I could feel the peel working – a tingly sensation, so I knew it was doing what it said it would. I LOVED the smell – think pumpkin pie and holiday treats! The esthetician was clear about what was contraindicated in the weeks or days beforehand so I could avoid any potential issues – such as no prolonged sun exposure in the past 10 days – this would I imagine include tanning bed use. Also I could not receive a, facial wax in the week following the peel. It could be used not only on my face, but also on my neck and decolletage areas and it achieved the same results as on my face.

What I did not love: There was nothing that I did not like about this product. Just be prepared for a small blush to the skin after treatment, this went away within 30 minutes. Hope that helps someone who is considering getting this treatment.

Longchamp Le Pliage Green – 2015
Been using this stuff for about a week and already noticed much greater lifts. Using with GEN HumanoVar and noticed not only increase in mass (1-2kg in a week) but a decrease in body fat especially the abdominal region.

Lisa – 2015
I tried iSkyn and loved it! Thank you so much for inventing this marvelous product. I shared it with my stepdaughter and we had quite a bonding time doing our iSkyn facials together!

Cheryl – 2015
Love this product. I have used it twice and my skin looks amazing. Customer Service is excellent!

Amanda Kegler – 2015
Hello. I am a friend of Heather who knows you personally and she had told me to email you and to see if I could get some samples of the pumpkin peel to try. I worked with Heather in Orlando at the hospital and I have heard great things about the peel. My skin was acne prone as a teenager and I have some scarring.

MMR – 2015
I have received several compliments on the overall clarity and radiance of my skin since using iskyn pumpkin peel Pro.
iskyn pumpkin Peel Pro is an ideal facial treatment for chronologically aging skin.

Huong D (from Sydney Australia)  – 2015
Thanks for my replacement order which is very rare these days. I like the aroma, after treatment my skin feels so smooth.

Janeida – 2015
They have arrived today, and they smell sooooo yummy! Almost edible (I know its not suitable for human or animal consumption- LOL)… But I gave myself a iskyn pumpkin peel, and it brought back memories of Fall time growing up and Thanksgiving! And most of all my skin feels so so sooooo soft! Its glowing (again)! Thanks again for your awesome customer service, rapid response. Awesome product. I think my clients are going to fall in love… as a matter of fact this would be great to bring these pumpkin peels in @ the start of Fall!
Loving my pumpkin peel. : )

Heidi – 2015
I absolutely loved the peel !!! The skin on my face felt so soft and smooth and after just one use I could see a considerable difference in my skin! I never had problematic skin other then ageing, so this amazing product makes even good skin better!!! Totally love it and will recommend it to everyone! Thanks, Iskyn

Dolores Gable – 2015
I’m at a friends home in Florida and she was using this on her face. She looked younger and I asked what are you using. Her and I did it one night and I have to say it felt great and smelled wonderful. My face sure showed a difference in appearance. So, the following week before I left I asked to use it again. I was shocked !!!!! I sleep on my left side and I had a line (wrinkle) down the side of my cheek and also the same thing on my chest. IT IS DISAPPEARING !!!!!! I’m so happy that someone finally GOT IT RIGHT. I’ve tried everything and it always seem to be for the younger generation and not for the 50 and over. This is like gold to me and I’ll be a lifetime user. I also see that your on Amazon. Thank you so much ISKYN FOR PUMPKIN PEEL.

Donna M. Goodrow – 2014
I just love your product. I’m 60 years old and everyone asks what I’m using. My skin looks so much better now than it did a year ago. Thank you for coming up with a product for us at this age.

Heather A – 2014
Thanks! I love it!, it smells so good too!!! I could feel it working!! iskyn pumpkin peel helped w the dark spots from my pregnancy!!

Cheryl – 2014
love this product!

Stephanie – 2014
Halloween product plug: if any of you gals are planning to be scantly clad after this harsh two day winter- GO GET SOME PUMPKIN PEEL from iskyn ! Start fresh with the best exfoliant I have ever used. Not only are the results amazing, but the process is pleasurable. I look forward to the delicious smell and the warmth on my skin, it’s a not just another daunting beauty ritual. So if you really want a treat this weekend- give yourself the pumpkin treatment! Yay!!

Britt – 2014
Super excited to stumble upon this great product! Noticeable results after only one use! Plus it smells fantastic! A must before any special occasion or if you just want to show off a fresh face! 🙂

Jackie – 2014
Love this peel!! My skin always looks amazing after I use it! Telling all my friends about this great product! 🙂

Candace – 2014
Iskyn is wonderful! This product is the cure all! I have dry patches around my mouth as well as random deep blemishes, each time I use this product I am left cured from any dryness, and fully blemish free for a week! It seems to work miracles in every aspect of my skin! I think I’m addicted, I want to use it as my face wash! Honestly though, this is a miracle product, no matter the issue, it seems to clear everything leaving my skin glowing, clear, smooth, and perfectly balanced. I highly recommend this product I am in love!

Molly – 2013
This pumpkin peel was my first ever skin peel! I loved it, my face felt energized and clean after using this product. I have recently been learning about peels and I heard that peels are the best type of exfoliator because they do not spread bacteria around your face like a normal scrub does. I have always been a very basic skin care girl, but I am pleased to say that I will routinely use a peel from now on. The pumpkin smelled amazing too 🙂

Angie – 2013
RighIt off the bat…I enjoyed to spicy aroma of the Pumpkin Peel…I immediately felt it at work. And afterwards, my skin felt very clean, taunt, and soft. I liked it very much.

Bessy – 2013
The pumpkin peel is amazing!!! I don’t have cystic acne but have very blemish-prone skin. I used the pumpkin peel a few nights ago, and saw results when I woke up the next morning. To be more specific, my skin felt soft and my blemishes had cleared up! I love the way it feels, smells and can’t wait to do it again next week. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Thank you ISKYN so much for making this wonderful product!

Sara – 2013
Just used the peel on some skincare clients…absolutely loved the smell and the results are glowing! Will definitely use again, and again…and again 🙂 Thanks for an all in one product!

Brenda – 2013
I love the color of my skin this morning! I even feel a little tightness of sag that seems to be starting to present. :). I am thrilled with this product! This pumpkin peel is awesome!!! Does not have the irritating effects of pure glycolic peels I’ve had and smells incredible. I just completed my first peel and gobbed on recovery creme. My skin already has a fresh glow! 🙂 I look forward to washing this creme off in the morning for a clearer look. Thanks again iskyn. I will be telling all friends where my glow came from, (or else they could very well think I’m pregnant). LOL

Donna G – 2013
I did this mask last night and my skin no longer looks dull and my pores are less visible as well. Plus, how nice is it to jump into bed with your honey not smelling like sulfur or astringent? Finally! I love this product and it will be my go to gift for all of my gal pals this Christmas.

Jacqueline – 2013
I was so excited for the package! I do LOVE it. May be just me wishing for the appearance of my face to look better after one use, but I swear it does. My hormones are all out of whack and my face looks less than desirable. Good for you! I hope your endeavor is a success. I have no idea about the face and any products that are great, but I tell you I heart this one.

Trish and Alysse Riccio – 2013
We loved it! We are still glowing from it! It will be a product we use forever!
thanks iskyn and we look forward to our mother daughter peel nights!

Traci R – 2013
Your Products are amazing !!! I love all of the contents that you provide, can’t wait to order again !!!!

Emily – 2013
I loved this peel! It smelled and felt so good on. After using the pumpkin peel my skin felt soft and even. My face looked refreshed. I have drier skin around the cheeks and was impressed that the peel didn’t leave my skin flaky or red, like other products I have tried. I will definitely use this product again. I would also be interested in finding out if there is a body scrub in this scent.